Print Calendars: A Lasting Advertisement
Of all the marketing materials your business uses, one of the only ones that will stay with your customers for a long time is a calendar. When you give a calendar to a customer, they will use it all year long. Every time they look at it, they will see something relating to your business and your company. If you design your calendars properly, they can turn into long lasting and effective tools for your business. With PrintMastercopy by your side, your next calendar printing project will be a success. We will help you produce a calendar that will bring in new customers for you all year long.

How Calendars Work
If you do not already use calendars, you should incorporate them into your marketing strategy. They can be very powerful tools that will increase your revenue stream by consistently bringing in new customers.

You can use your advertising calendars in a variety of ways. Here are a few suggestions:
• Design calendars with a different product displayed for each month
• Give away calendars as promotion
• Use pictures of your loyal customers in your calendar to promote the feeling of camaraderie among your clientele

Calendar Printing with PrintMastercopy
At PrintMastercopy, we give your calendar printing projects a life. We print calendars for you within remarkable turnaround time. If you have trouble designing your own calendars, our professional design department will help you out.


iMastercopy Offers:

  • Calendar printing with full-bleed and full color throughout
  • Saddle stitched binding (stapled on the edge)
  • Five standard calendar sizes, with custom trim option available


Please request a quote by sending us your specs.

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