Web Analytic for Business

Web analytic, also known as web reporting, is a system by which business owners can get a better idea of who is visiting their websites and what kind of activity is happening on the website in order to get insight of how well the business is doing. Web analytic lets you know which pages customers visit the most, which products are purchased the most on your website and other details about the customers who visit your website. When you evaluate the results of web analytic for your website, you’re better able to figure out what works and what doesn’t work for your business.

Another benefit of web analytic is that you can reorganize your marketing strategies and make changes to the website in order to turn more users into customers. For example, if you find that a majority of customers are purchasing the spell checkers and thesauruses from your online bookstores but not enough web visitors are purchasing your romance novels, you and your sales team can think of ways to promote the novels. You may decide to offer discounts on the novels.

If you’re trying to increase web traffic and get high rankings on the search engines, web analytic help you figure out how to improve your optimization. For example, if you have a bakery website and it’s not receiving high rankings, you should hire a SEO consultant who understands SEO optimization techniques to help you get higher rankings.

Sometimes the use of web analytic may motivate you to rearrange your business entirely. For example, if you sold gourmet chocolates on your website but you noticed that a majority of the searches on the website are not for the chocolates but for your pies and cakes, you can eliminate the chocolates from the website and focus on the pastries.

The right keywords are essential in generating more web traffic and revenue, and web reporting tools give you an idea of which keywords to use more of in your promotional content. For example, if you find that you’re missing important keywords which pertain to your business, you can incorporate those keywords into your website’s content.

In conclusion, web analytic is an important part of understanding your website’s visitors and it gives you an idea of how to best turn the users into regular customers.

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