Mastercopy is one of the leader in CD, DVD, and CD Business Cards products, services and technology. We have CD multimedia experienced programmer, Multimedia Specialist, Web and Graphic designers that can help you get exactly the look or program you're looking for. and Our talented interactive team can turn your text, audio, video, animations and images into an interactive presentation that will have your client and industry raving.




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We provide:

  1. Graphic design
  2. 3-D animation
  3. Voice over narration utilizing using professional studio setup and great voices in the industry
  4. Digitization and conversion of existing brochure, catalogs, poster, manual on a CD, DVD, or CD Business card
  5. Provide any sounds effects you may desire in our recording studio
  6. Search engine functionality
  7. DVD Authoring
  8. Full executable CRM, Tracking, Logistic tools and more from a CD
  9. Internet integrated software that can be update from the web
  10. Auto star
  11. Can allow for a CD to be expired on date you desire
  12. CD to database integration that allows you to store user contact information online
  13. Auto start
  14. Functionality that ensures your presentation plays on both Mac and PC



Our services starts @ $125/per hour

Request a quote for the service you need.


















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