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Mastercopy is prepared for government contracts and service request.


  1. Registered with CCR
  2. Hub Zone Certified (please request a username and password to download document).
  3. currently processing our 8(A) Registration

We do invoice only for the following services with government all other products/services must be paid in full before completion.

  1. 1. Graphic design
  2. 2. Web Site design/development
  3. 3. System Design and analysis
  4. 4. Multimedia creations (Video, Flash, and alike)


For duplication services the follow forms are required.

1. Intellectually property right document
2. Credit Authorization document if being paid by credit card (We do not accept credit card payment for order over $5,000 dollars)
3. w9 (Typically this required by your organization)

Our identification is:

DUNS# XX-XX-88567  (if you require the full number, you must have a processing order in our system to obtain this)


Why Governments Should Use iMastercopy For RFPS Regarding Web Development

Here is how iMastercopy can help governments in creating and distributing the items necessary for receiving responses from highly qualified contractors for your needs using the web. For example, if you’re a government agency that needs to complete several projects, you’ll benefit from our USB web key services. We can help governments do this by providing them with USB web keys that are loaded with the website data so that when they mail the web keys to potential companies and organizations, these companies will have everything they need to know to apply for a project.

You should also use iMastercopy for the creation of RFPs because we offer USB duplication services so you’ll backup copies of your RFPs in the event your computers crash and you’ll need to purchase new computers. USB duplication keeps government agencies from having to retype their RFPs for hours after something happens to the computer. This also saves paper because with the files you have on the duplicate USB flash drives, you can simply send the RFPs as e-mail attachments to potential contractors.

We also help government agencies create websites that are designed for requesting proposals from potential bidders. If you’re interested in having your website achieve high rankings on the search engines in order to receive more proposals, we’ll look at your competitors and advise you on ways you can optimize your RFP website for better results and increased web traffic. We also include graphic design, voice over narration and tracking tools.

When you use our web design, USB web keys and USB duplication services, your agency will be prepared with the necessary tools to create high quality RFPs that will generate interest and good responses.


Why us

Why Governments Should Use iMastercopy for Printing of RFPs


One reason why governments should use iMastercopy for their request-for-proposal printing is because we offer high quality printing at affordable prices. For example, our digital brochures cost $120 for 10 brochures. The 100 flyers cost $60.00 so if your government agency needs a low-cost way to promote your interest in looking for new people to bid on your upcoming projects.We’ll also take you through the process of developing and printing multiple copies of your RFP. For example, you’ll get assistance with stating the mission and objectives of the government agency,and the deadline for the RFP.

Here are other reasons why iMastercopy is a good choice for governments who need printing services to prepare RFPs to give to potential contractors. We offer beautifully-designed letterhead designs for you to choose from that will make your RFP look professional and credible. We also offer customized envelopes so that you can send personalized RFPs to certain groups or individuals who you feel would offer excellent products or services for your needs.

We also assist you in the preparation process before finally printing the RFPs. We’ll determine what type of contractors you would be interested in, the time limit of the project which needs to be done, your budget for the project, any qualifications the ideal contractors must have to be chosen and how to turn these specifics into a well-organized RFP.

Our printing services reduce the number of responses you get from unqualified contractors because we’ll create your RFPs in a way that is concise, clear and simple to understand by potential contractors. This saves you time and you can focus more on the qualified contractors who send responses.



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