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Creatief design en interactief concept ontwikkeling Creatief design en interactief concept ontwikkeling

Some people assume that because online content is becoming more common, disc duplication for business is going to be obsolete sooner rather than later. However, those that suggest such a thing are not truly thinking that statement through. There are several reasons that disc duplication for business is going to be around for quite some time.


It is a physical copy
Even though many people are making the shift to online content, there are still times that we are simply without Internet access. You have something on a disc, DVD, or Blu-ray, you do not need Internet access, and you have everything you need in the palm of your hand. As long as there are physical players, people are going to keep using physical discs.


Stand out
What is one of the major benefits of online content? – it is free. However, the problem with something being free is that many people are probably doing the exact same thing. While the shift to online may mean that less people are using physical discs, it also means that people who do use them stand out more. Imagine this scenario, and select which you deem preferable.


You are meeting with a potential client, the terms you have negotiated are good, but you just want to read a bit more information that they have or try the software that they want to sell you.


Option A: They give you a website URL, you have to manually enter the URL and read it on your computer when you have Internet access. Alternatively, they send you a link or copy and you have to wait for them to do so.


Option B: They give you a disc with the information that you need. If you want, you can look at it right now, or if you are busy, you can save it until later. Regardless, you have the actual information in the palm of your hand whenever you need it.


Now if you are like most people who like to keep things simple, you prefer option B. That is exactly what you can do with disc replication; provide information to someone without making him or her jump through hoops.


The need to be online

A 2012 study by Frank N. Magid Associates revealed that amongst people under the age of 44, 76% of all individuals use smartphones. That is a shocking number of potential customers that you can either gain or lose in just a few seconds, depending on whether they are able to use your website on their smartphone. Why limit yourself to a smaller audience?


Mobile Version versus Mobile Compatible


It is important that you realize the difference between the two. If you have a website, anyone can access it. However, if it is not mobile compatible, chances are that it will look pretty bad. A mobile version of your website is an entirely different design from your traditional website, it is a streamlined version. This is done to help users find their way much faster and remove unnecessary elements that may look great on a desktop, but would only provide clutter to an already small screen on mobile. While mobile compatible should be the bare minimum, a


mobile version is the best option.

·Start Windows Explorer and right-click the USB drive

·Now click “Properties”

·Use the options on the Ready Boost tab

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