Music Viral Marketing $995

Registration to BDS Virtual Encoding, Artist send physical CDs to CMJ College Radio & Licensing companies.Increase YouTube Views & Subscribers, Spotify plays & followers, Google Play, Itunes Marketing & ReverbNation popularity. Focus on getting charted on radios, 100 music blog/site+500 bookmarks, share on all social media, Links placements, radio tunes, Somafm, & AccuRadio. Inclusion in the largest independent Internet/Club/terrestrial radio network. 5,000+  Internet radios/DJs. Tracking after 7 days.

Submit your music to 50 of the place where you will get paid:

  • Booking Agents
  • Clubs
  • College Booking
  • College Radio
  • Conferences
  • Festivals
  • Film
  • TV & Media Licensing
  • Managers
  • Press
  • Radio (National and International Airplay
  • Record Labels (Record Deal Submission)

Our submission process is an individual submittal process to direct contacts. Quality takes time and not bulk sending with no direction or real results. Reports Provided.  Give us a try.


Frequently Ask Questions:

What do I need to do this Package?
Your Music in 320 kpbs (.MP3). Picture, Bio, all Social Media Links, Access to FB, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, twitter. (Make the Access Manager)

What is Guarantee?
Placement Blog/Press Throughout the USA, 50,000 on Spotify, send to CMJ Radio Station in Canada Send emails to 335 College Radio throughout the USA, Send out emails 160 Licensing Company, Press, DJ Feedback, send to college program council for potential bookings.

Do you a sample of work?
Yes. Just ask!How

long it takes for the custom marketing plan
24-72 hours or less.

Who writes the press release?
We do. But you can provide your own if preferred.

Does any Search Engine Optimization come with this?

Why is Registration to BDS Virtual Encoding Important
This how your music will be tracked and reported to CMJ & Billboard Charts.

How can I get more Google Play & s.potify streaming?
By us building a following. But can also Get 100,000 Streaming on so you can make it billboard emerging artist charts. (About anywhere from 0.005 to 0.09 per play) so you can make: $500 or more from the plays, but this would have to be discussed more.


Order Now:


Go viral with your music for $149

The combination of radio tunes, Somafm, AccuRadio and others are world’s largest independent Internet/Club/terrestrial radio network to promote music!  All Serious musician should be found here.
The combined community of thousands of broadcasters and millions of listeners, the Network is the perfect tool to reach new and existing audiences. Get your music into the hands and ears of 5,000+  Internet/Club/terrestrial radio DJs.

Package includes:

  • Submit to 5000 Radios and Dj's (Tracking Provided)
  • Press Coverage
  • Nielsen Registration
  • Social Media Buzz
  • 10 Youtube Playlist with tracking
  • 1000 Spotify Plays,
  • charted on radios,
  • 10 music blog/site+
  • Submit to Pandora
  • SXM Radio
  • Social media & Links placement.


What is required.

1 Song

1 Picture

320 Kbps


All Social Media website

Immediate results and improvement over 30 days.

Order Now for $149

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