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offers aggressive costs upon DVD replication and DVD copying. Since DVD order placed require quite a few choices, it is best to e mail you for a offer or maybe post a new offer request so we can easily carry out each of our finest from supplying you with the top choices. We in addition try out each of our far better to defeat or maybe match up costs simply by 3%.

Complete Package Dual CDs -- Client supplies CD-R Master and all CD label films with color proofsolore " Add $10/color for film. Pkg Price


1000 CD - ROM - Replication

0.49 ea

2000 CD - ROM - Replication

0.48 ea

3000 CD - ROM - Replication

0.48 ea

4000 CD - ROM - Replication

0.45 ea

5000 CD - ROM - Replication

0.39 ea

10,000 CD - ROM - Replication

0.35 ea

25,000 CD - ROM - Replication

0.34 ea

50,000 CD - ROM - Replication

0.32 ea


Is your project for Giveaway or Promotional Usage? Is So Try the new wave with WEB KEY USB Drives/ Flash Drives. As Low as $1.85 per Unit.

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Additional Products & Services


WEB Key USB Drives

As Low as $1.85

Digital Flip Book

$75/per conversion

Download Cards

1000 Cards $199

Web & Graphic Design

$75/per hr

Digital Distribution of Music, Data & Video

$299 & up

retail ready

500 Retail Ready CD Replication $889

1.78 ea

1000 Retail Ready CD Replication $1099

1.09 ea

2000 Retail Ready CD Replication $2049

1.02 ea

2500 Retail Ready CD Replication $2329

0.93 ea

3000 Retail Ready CD Replication $2789

0.92 ea

4000 Retail Ready CD Replication $3369

0.84 ea

5000 Retail Ready CD Replication $3469

0.69 ea

Over 5,000 Units Please give us a call or submit a quote.

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Addl' Info

Our hard pressed disc's, such as the ones you will get in the new music or maybe application retailer, provide an aluminum leading reflector covering, along with distinct plastic bottom covering in that small teeny depressions referred to as "pits" usually are hard pressed lower by a physical rubber stamping process at the manufacturing plant. Then another covering connected with plastic can be set lower in the pits so one of these do not get loaded throughout together with skin oils along with soil. If a disc person reads a new disk, the idea flows the actual "pits" around the disk, along with your application converts those people scanned dots along with dashes in details or maybe new music.

DISC technologies allows for hard drive drives around 800 Megabytes. The forced disc's, like the versions you receive in the music as well as software shop, produce an lightweight aluminum top reflector layer, in addition to obvious cheap underside layer in to which often minor little depressions referred to as "pits" are usually forced straight down by a actual stamping course of action on our manufacturing area. Next an additional layer regarding cheap will be lay straight down on the pits so one of these don't get stuffed within having natural oils in addition to grime. Whenever a compact disc gambler runs any compact disk, that states the "pits" around the compact disk, whilst your software changes people scanned dots in addition to dashes in to facts as well as music.


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